February 15, 2010

Why Yes, Yes I Am!

I guess I'm still here. I've been incredibly uncreative lately. All my thoughts start with:

  1. I feel sick. Sob. 
  2. I want to cry A LOT.
  3. I think I'll go eat again. While bawling. 
  4. Oooo, look at the pretty snow!
  5. I wish I could sleep through the night without getting up to pee or eat.
  6. Groan. I feel sick. Moan. 
  7. GAG, do you smell that food/purse/chair/anything as much as I do?????
  8. I guess I should find something to eat before I puke from hunger. 

Yeah, that's how interesting I've become. Now I understand how when you have kids, all you talk about are the kids. I'm only prego and all I talk about is the nausea. LOVELY. 


  1. I smell it too and it smells DISGUSTING! I hope the baby is being nice to you!

  2. And in a few months you will be thinking about poo, puke, pee, crying, burping, sleeping and how your baby is the most beautiful person in the whole world. :)

  3. then when you are prego with child number two, you are too busy taking care of that child to think about getting sick with the other one. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I'm prego with another child. He'll get here and I'll barley have noticed.