June 8, 2009

Ummm, yeah.....

INDIANA!!!! So here I am, back at home. Well, not exactly.... I'm at one of my summer jobs (photography assistant and tutorer (is that right? tutorer? watch out, grammar mistakes ahead!)). 

I've got nothing new to say about life except that my husband is gone, in California for work until Friday night. I'm all alone in this world! Oh Rhett, whatever shall I do?!?!?!

I shall be photography assisting today and tomorrow, tutoring Wednesday, whatever Thursday, then tutoring Friday. Each night w/o J I will lounge about, watching raunchy, horrific amounts of TV, slurping spaghetti off my plate, eating salad with my fingers, and basically doing everything I don't do because people are around. J keeps me sane.

Here's a secret and it's really weird (to me) and slightly inappropriate (to you?). Stop reading if you'd like to NOT know the extra information I shall divulge today. I'm not wearing underware today! Wow, first time for everything! My gyno always tells me it is better not to wear underware so I'm trying it out. For size. Well, more like this: "OMG, I'm changing and all the laundry is sitting folded on the couch in the living room! I'm out of underware (due to vacation) (yes, I think in parentheses)(and sometimes don't capitalize correctly in them)! I'll grab some underware when I'm changed. Hmmm, I'm very busy getting ready to leave but I think I'm missing something. What is it? What is that 'off' feeling? OH. YEAH. Hmmm, maybe I'll give this a try, after all, I'm wearing a long skirt so it should be fine."

I've ever felt more free under my LONG skirt and it makes going to the bathroom 50% easier!!!

Weird. I KNOW. But this is a one time thing for me so don't freak out....


  1. Wow... the things people will blog about. That was a surprising post. :) Love ya,

  2. So proud of you! And that reminds me of a story I have to tell you :)

  3. Hahaha! Goin' commando.
    By the way, it's underwear.

  4. AHA!!! No wonder it kept telling me I mispelled it!!! I was wondering how else I was supposed to spell underwear. DUH.